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Make a cake to remember, right down to the letter, with this Letters and Numbers Adjustable Nonstick Cake Pan Set. With this adjustable bakeware set, you can make cakes in the shape of all 26 letters of the alphabet or any numbers from 0 through 9. Simply use the inserts and the instructions (included) to create your shape. The 14.5 x 9-inch rectangular cake pan has a grid bottom, designed to hold the inserts securely in place and prevent batter from seeping through. Great for sports-themed parties, monogram cakes, as well as graduation and milestone birthday celebrations, this adjustable cake pan set is sure to become a favorite for bakers and decorators of all ages.

  • Make a letter or number cake using this Letters and Numbers Adjustable Cake Pan Set
  • Great for sports-themed parties, monogram cakes, graduation and milestone celebrations and birthday parties
  • Can be used with any cake mix or recipe
  • Includes inserts and instructions for making all 26 letters of the alphabet or any number from 0 through 9; also includes instructions for making an exclamation point, question mark and dollar sign
  • To use: Follow instructions (included) to arrange inserts in rectangular cake pan; fill pan with batter and bake following recipe instructions; let cool, then trim cake as necessary
  • Includes 1 rectangular cake pan; 8 inserts; 1 cutter; letter and number instructions
  • Pan measures 14.5 x 9 in. (36.5 x 22.5 cm)
  • Material: Steel; pan is nonstick for easy release and quick cleanup
  • Hand wash pan, inserts and cutter in warm, soapy water before first and after each use; dishwasher safe
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