Island Wests 250 gram Whole Leaf Savory shaker is an exceptionally fragrant dried herb with a slightly peppery, thyme- or sage-like taste. Light to dark green and tan. Slender, elongated leaves. Summer savory has so many uses and advantages!  There is clearly no secret that summer savory is a versatile herb for many types of flavor, as it is a favorite in French, German, Italian, and Bulgarian recipes, just to name a few. Sprinkle whole savory leaves with confidence over green beans and delicious, hearty summer squash soups and early fall stews.

Spice Up Your Life Usage Tips:

  • To really awe your family and leave them wanting more, combine summer savory with the mild onion flavor of  chives, cracked pepper and thyme to form a rub for fish (especially cod), or blend into premium ground beef that you intend to stuff into a tender red pepper.
  • As an aside, summer savory whole leaves are said to provide relief for bee and wasp stings.
  • This ancient herb has been used for medicinal as well as for cooking purposes for centuries.Use this herb as a seasoning for salt-free diets, or with any bean/lentil dish!
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