Islands West 250 gram Pink Peppercorn flavor is similar to that of a black peppercorn, but it’s not as strong and the flavor is much brighter and fruitier. They are slightly sweet and mild in spiciness, making them a great addition to butter-based sauces, salads, seafoods, dressings, and poultry dishes. You can sprinkle pink peppercorn over a sweet, festive bark or incorporate it into your next chicken dinner.



Spice Up Your Life Usage Tip:

  • Use pink pepper as a garnish, in light cream sauces, and with seafood. 
  • When cooking, pink pepper should be added towards the end, as high heat and long cooking times can destroy the flavor. 
  •  It’s also used in salad dressing and as a contrasting flavor in sweet desserts, particularly cookies.
  • Pink peppercorns can also be used to enhance the flavours of citrus fruits, strawberries, pineapple, and pomegranate, as well as dairy foods like butter and cream, and even bacon, beef, chicken and white fish
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