Islands West 250 gram Green Peppercorns are aromatic, with a fresher, fruitier flavor than white or black pepper, but not nearly as sharp and astringent as black. Green peppercorns are the same as black peppercorns, in that they are picked when green and unripe. But instead of being dried in the sun, they are quickly dehydrated so that they retain their bright green colour and mildly spicy flavour.


Spice Up Your Life Usage Tips:

  • Green peppercorns are rich in vitamin C and K, which are powerful antioxidants and can help in lowering the concentration of free radicals and reduce the risks associated with free-radical damage.
  • Whole green peppercorns make for an excellent addition to poultry, fish, vegetable, and milder game meats.
  • Green peppercorns go especially well with very fresh or fruity tasting foods.
  • Try them ground on salads, steamed vegetables, salsas, and in sauces.
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