Islands West 400 gram Five Peppercorn Blend is an aromatic combination of the most popular of Peppercorn spices. Our five mix provides the pungent flavors of black and white pepper and the flowery, pine-like citrusy aroma of the pink pepper with the lighter note of green pepper. These mixed peppers offer a bit more of the lingering peppery taste when combined with the black pepper plus the tropical notes of allspice.


400 Gram 5 Blend Ingredients:

White Peppercorns, Black Peppercorns, Whole Allspice , Green Peppercorns, Pink Peppercorns.


Spice Up Your Life Usage Tips:

  • Versatile and easy to use, add them whole, crushed or ground for extra snap in your favorite recipes calling for pepper. Breakfast eggs scream for them!
  • Pepper is best ground fresh, or tie peppercorns in a cheesecloth bag and place in simmering stew or soup. Add to pot at end of cooking to control loss of flavor.
  • It has the ability to work so well in many dishes from savory to sweet, whether included in cooking or added at the table.
  • It goes well with red meats, game, strongly flavored seafood, and egg dishes when used in moderation.
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