Cracked pepper consists of large pieces of black pepper berries, which provide a burst of pepper flavor with each bite of food. Islands West 500 gram Cracked Black Pepper is carefully sourced from mature pepper berries that have been harvested and sun-dried for seven to ten days. Our pure Cracked Black Pepper is more coarse and grainy for a stronger flavor and more visual appeal. Islands West Cracked Black Pepper showcases a pungent aroma and woody, piney flavor.


Spice Up Your Life Usage Tips:

  • Use to spice up sauces, marinades, vegetables & all meats. Add when cooking or at the table to taste.
  • Cracked pepper is especially good on salads and pasta, salsa and soup, or pressed into raw meat that’s been rubbed with oil before cooking.
  • Add peppery crunch to Caesar salad with the large grind of our Cracked Black Pepper. 
  • Toss chicken wings in garlicky oil and Cracked Black Pepper and bake, for a fabulous take on peppery wings.
  • Add to breading and turn popcorn shrimp into fireworks of flavor. 
  • Steep in cream for spicy-cold ice cream, and mix more Cracked Black Pepper in as the ice cream is finishing for extra heat and flavor.
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