Islands West 500 gram Ground Black Pepper 16 mesh is coarse ground black pepper. This big bold large grain black pepper will add more flavor than the finely ground black pepper in your little bird-shaped shaker. This 16 mesh black pepper will go perfectly on steaks before they hit the grill, chicken, pasta, really it adds a strong flavor to all cuts of meat. This pepper is coarsely ground in order to preserve as much of its flavor as possible.


Spice Up Your Life Usage Tips:

  • Use it alone or add to spice seasonings and blends for beef, chicken, pork, fish, game or vegetables.
  • When a sprinkle of ground pepper simply won’t cut it, this 16-Mesh Ground Black Pepper is just the right amount of bold pepper flavor.
  • This larger grind adds a wonderful flavor to all your cooking.
  • The ingredient will add an amazing texture with absolute perfection.
  • 16 mesh is one of the best types of black pepper.
  • For smoking brisket, you will get the best flavor by using 16 Mesh Black Pepper.
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