Not too hot but has a nice sweet taste, Islands West 500 gram Hungarian paprika gives one-of-a-kind flavor to many dishes. Paprika is the Hungarian word for pepper, and Hungarian-style paprika is not smoked, but rather fairly sweet. It was the Turks who introduced the chilies to Hungary, and it’s a very popular spice in Hungarian cuisine, giving distinctive flavor to soups and stews such as chicken paprikash and beef goulash.


Spice Up Your Life Usage Tips:

  • Paprika can also be used as a substitute for flour in thickening a sauce. Try adding paprika to a roux as a thickening agent, coloring agent, and flavoring agent.
  • For the fullest flavor, color, and aroma, dissolve the powder in warm/hot fat.
  • This spice adds a sweet and subtle smokiness to cream based soups and sauces, stews, ribs, chicken, sausages, deviled eggs, potato salad, sauted shrimp, Spanish tortilla and paella.
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