Islands West 375 gram Chopped White Onions can be reconstituted in liquid, providing consistently fresh flavour while maintaining a longer shelf life. It gives the taste and texture of fresh onion. Add sharp, toasty onion flavor to just about any dish ̶ from dips and sauces to meatloaf, vegetables and pasta salad ̶ with just a shake of the jar.


Spice Up Your Life Usage Tips:

2 tbsp. Chopped Onions = 1/2 cup chopped fresh onion

•Add it to the dressing for leafy greens, beans or grains.                                                                                    • We love just a touch, along with parsley flakes, in egg salad.
• Add to casseroles, curries, cheese and egg dishes, and soups.
•Use in tuna and chicken salad, rice and pasta dishes.                                                                                      •Add it to the dressing for leafy greens, beans or grains.

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