No pantry should be without Islands West 500 gram Ground Mustard, which lends bright yellow color and warm, intense mustard flavor to any dish you stir it into. Dry mustard by itself has no flavor or taste. It must be combined with water to release the essential oil which gives it flavor. Room-temperature tap water works best in this role. It adds a pungent kick to deviled eggs, ham glaze, cheese sauce and more.

Spice Up Your Life Usage Tips:

• Delicious in egg salad, potato salad, macaroni salad and shrimp salad.
• Add to cheese soufflé, cheese spreads and sauces.
• Use in French dressing, barbecue sauces, Italian dressing or ham glaze.                                        •Whisk it into red wine sauce for beef.                                                                                                            •Use it to flavor—and emulsify—homemade mayonnaise and Hollandaise sauce.                            • Whisk it into salad dressings and butter sauces.


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