Islands West 350 gram Juniper Berries have a tart, pine-like flavor and are commonly used in small amounts as a spice or flavoring agent. The spicy, aromatic, dark berries of the juniper tree can be used fresh or dried, crushed or whole, to flavour casseroles, marinades and stuffings and complement pork, rabbit, venison, beef and duck. Juniper berries are the ripe, dried cones from the Juniper evergreen shrub which grows throughout the northern hemisphere. The berries are about a quarter-inch wide and bluish-purple.


Spice Up Your Life Usage Tips:

  • They can also be used in sweet dishes such as fruitcake.
  • Juniper berries also provide the main flavouring for gin.
  • They can be added whole and fresh off the shrub to marinades, meat rubs, wood chips when smoking meats, or added to pickling meats.
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