Islands West 500 gram Jalapeno Powder is an all-purpose ground spice that can be used to season all types of meat and seafood or added to your own spice rubs and blends for a spicy kick. Jalapeno powder is a bit hard to come by and is from dried green jalapenos. Jalapeno peppers are the most common chile pepper with a gentle pungency but noticeable heat.


Islands West 500 gram Jalapeno Powder Ingredients:

Green Jalapeno pepper and 2% Silicon Dioxide (as anti-caking agent).


Spice Up Your Life Usage Tips:

  • Jalapeño powder can act as a finishing spice as well.
  • You can sprinkle it over cooked foods at the table in the same way that you would sprinkle black pepper.
  • Add it to scrambled eggs or use it as an alternative to hot sauce on your tacos.
  • Jalapeno powder can be added to chili, corn bread, salsa, sauces, spice blends, stews, taco meat or sprinkled over chicken, eggs, popcorn and pork chops.


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