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Sea Life Fondant and Gum Paste Mould. There’s no better way to add color, dimension and excitement to a cake than with fondant or gum paste accents. With this mold, it’s easy to create detailed shapes in exciting Sea Life designs ready to place on your cake! Total size 20x13cm. Lovely designs of coral, shells, waves & more

The finer coral is best modelled with gumpaste or stiffened fondant.

Create an under the sea themed cake with this easy to use mould.

There are 8 separate shapes to make shells, starfish, large and small coral, octopus, seahorses, mermaid tails and waves.

You can create a whole sea themed cake or use individual cavities to make cupcake decorations to suit.

Use this mould with fondant, gum paste, chocolate or isomalt. 

The total mould size is 19.5cm x 12.5cm, with shapes ranging from 3.5cm (shell) to 17cm (waves). Mermaid tail is 7cm long.

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