Creating a rich, aromatic gravy with a made-from-scratch taste and texture is made reliably consistent and simple with Knorr 1 lb. chicken gravy mix. This mix is the perfect product to keep on-hand at your establishment, producing a consistently thick, smooth gravy every time. The gravy features real, natural chicken stock to create a full-bodied, umami-rich gravy that perfectly pours over mashed potatoes, grilled chicken, and other comfort food.

To make 1 gallon of gravy, whisk entire contents of package in 1 gallon of water at any temperature. Cook in a steam table, microwave, or stove top while stirring occasionally. Cook until the temperature reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit for 1 minute. Being able to make gravy that’s simple and easy to prepare reduces labor costs and valuable prep time in your busy kitchen. Additionally, this gravy is gluten-free and does not contain artificial preservatives, color, flavors, or added MSG. Each package of this mix boasts an impressive shelf life, making this a valuable addition to any commercial kitchen.


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